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 Because Truro depends primarily on volunteer personnel in the event of a fire or rescue, private vehicles are used when responding to these calls. Most are equipped with a red light and/or siren. We urge you to use caution and be considerate if you should encounter one of these vehicles on the road.


Truro Fire Rescue

Photo Gallery



2003 Ford Crown Victoria with police interceptor package

Forestry 480

2001 Ford F350 w/slide-in unit by Fire One

250 gallons of water

35 g.p.m.

back view of Forestry 480

Engine 482

1975 Chevrolet

750 Gallons of water

750 g.p.m.

engine 482 side view

Engine 482 angle view

Engine 483

Newest addition to the fire department apparatus.

Engine 483

Engine 483 back view

Tanker 484

1988 GMC with tanker body

2000 gallons of water

500 g.p.m.

Tanker 484

Engine 485

1997 Freightliner with E-One body

1000 gallons of water

1500 g.p.m.

rear view of Engine 485.......TAZ

Engine 485 angle view

Rescue 487

1998 Ford Type III Ambulance

body by Braun

inside veiw of Rescue 487

inside veiw of Rescue 487

Rescue 486

2003 Ford Type III Ambulance

TFD Gear

TFD Helmet


Training Car

1995 Ford Crown Victoria

Rescue Boat

1999 A.B. 14' inflatable with a 25 HP Yamaha engine