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 Because Truro depends primarily on volunteer personnel in the event of a fire or rescue, private vehicles are used when responding to these calls. Most are equipped with a red light and/or siren. We urge you to use caution and be considerate if you should encounter one of these vehicles on the road.


Truro Fire Rescue





To apply for a fire permit for JUNE  20, 2015- SEPTEMBER 7, 2015 you must apply online.

(before June 20th permits can be obtained at the Truro Public Safety Facility)

A designated number (x) of Beach Fires are allowed at ONLY the following town beaches, with a fire permit: 

Noons Landing (2)
Great Hollow Beach (2)
Corn Hill Beach (5)
Fisher Beach (4)
Ballston Beach (6)
Coast Guard Beach (4)
Head of the Meadow Beach (6)

For all fire permits you must apply online at by clicking HERE.  Requests are accepted (3) days in advance and up to 3:00pm on the day of. If you do not have a smartphone or a computer,  you may visit the Truro Public Library located at 7 Standish Way in North Truro. If you have a computer or tablet and require internet access, WiFi is available at the library and at the Truro Community Center, also located at 7 Standish Way. (1) Computer station has been set up at the Beach Office, located at 36 Shore Rd in North Truro, which you may sign up online between 8:00am and 3:00pm.

Only after weather conditions have been reviewed at 3:00pm will approval for beach fires be granted.


Beach fire applicants will receive an email after 3:30 pm, on the day they requested for a fire permit, CONFIRMING or REJECTING your beach fire request

Information on whether or not beach fires will be allowed for the day can be obtained by:

  • Calling the beach office after 4:00 pm on the day you had requested a beach fire permit. The phone message will indicate whether or not beach fires will be allowed for that day. The beach office number is (508) 487-6983



  • Checking the Fire Permit sign located at each respective beach. Please note that Fire Permits may be allowed on the Bay side and not on the Ocean side and vice versa.






















Truro Fire Department Fees

Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Inspection 26C: $25.00
Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Inspection 26E: $25.00
Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Inspection 26F: $25.00
Black Powder Permit: $25.00
Fireworks Permit: $25.00
UST Gasoline Maintenance/Installations: $25.00
Model Rocket Permit: $25.00
Oil Burner/Tank Installation: $25.00
Propane Tank Installation: $25.00
UST Removal Permit: $75.00






In November of 2005, Governor Mitt Romney signed "Nicole's Law" which places certain requirements on owners of all residential properties to install and maintain carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

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